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Chaosonville Jaguars (Retired)

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Chaosonville Jaguars roster 

2Allen Horns
player avatarBeastman
5338Horns, Block, Prehensile Tail-1 Ma1001318100k
3Marcus Deathfield
player avatarBeastman
6438Horns, +1 St0100213110k
6Jacques McLerdon
player avatarBeastman
6338Horns, Block, Tackle1203224100k
1Peyton Thompson
player avatarBeastman
6338Horns, Prehensile Tail00011680k
4Justin Blackmon
player avatarBeastman
6338Horns, Block, Sure Hands1 Ni4303123100k
5LaRoy Reynolds
player avatarBeastman
6338Horns, Block00011780k
9Pow Posluszny
player avatarChaos Warrior
5439Block, Dodge0504129150k
10Chaos Clemons
player avatarChaos Warrior
5439Block, Mighty Blow1204121140k
11Allan Ball
player avatarChaos Warrior
12Matt Stalearwitch
player avatarChaos Warrior
8Jeremiah Dodge
player avatarBeastman
13Geno Cidios
player avatarMinotaur
5528Loner, Frenzy, Horns, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Wild Animal, Block0006014180k

Ordenado por: -mvp, +nr, +name

Entrenador kevin
Raza Chaos
Liga LSR
Ready Si
TV 1660k
Treasury 130k
Apothecary Si
Rerolls 3
Fan Factor 7
Ass. Coaches 1
Cheerleaders 1

Jugados 15
WIN% 53.3%
ELO 207.33
W/L/D 5/4/6
W/L/D Rachas 2/2/2
Torneos ganados 0
Torneo más reciente III LSR
Torneos jugados III LSR, Copa III LSR
Prizes 1xFirst place, 1xSecond place
Is famous No

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